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Boiron IQF Morello Cherries

B00214 Iqf Morello Cherries

Product Details

Code: B00214

Units per master case: 1

Pack Size: 11 LB BOX

Dietary Tags: Kosher Pareve, Natural

Les Vergers Boiron individually quickly frozen fruits (IQF) are selected are selected all around the world for their gustatory qualities. Based on specifications drawn up with their trusted partners, the fruits are meticulously sorted, pitted, destalked, and hulled.

Les vergers Boiron individually quickly frozen fruits are ready to use in preparations and as decoration and will accompany both savory and sweet creations.

Uses: Included in the assembly of cream desserts (without defrosting). Lightly cooked, in a slightly sweetened jam associated with a sponge cake, a cream, etc. (without defrosting). Added to a savory sauce or a still-hot fruit paste to add intensity to the flavor and the texture of fruit (without defrosting). Included in ice creams, combined with inverted sugar heated to a maximum of 86° F.

Ingredients: Cherries 100%