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Elsay Hot Process Pastry Cream


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Units per master case: 2

Pack Size: 27.5 LB BAG

Uses: Pastry cream, baked flan tart, custards, almond creams, etc.

Ingredients: Modified Maize Starch (E1422), Vanillin, Beta Carotene (E160aii), Riboflavin (E101i).

Pastry Cream Recipe

Milk: 1 liter
Sugar: 250g
Yolks: 4
Whole Eggs: 2
Elsay: 80/90g

Directions for use:

- Mix Elsay in enough cold milk to dissolve
- Add yolks (or whole eggs)
- Pour boiling milk and sugar and mix thoroughly
- Bring to a boil again for 3 minutes
- Cool the pastry cream and use in any application