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Montebianco Stabilmix Milk Base

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Product Details

Code: 119001

Hot or cold process

Units per master case: 8

Pack Size: 5.5 lb bags

This is the easiest, best tasting most convenient gelato base! Simply add water and blend well to create a very stable and great tasting gelato that holds up well in the showcase. A subtle vanilla flavor for enhancing aroma pastes (can be customized). Add any of the Montebianco flavor pastes or ANY other flavor compounds to make smooth and delicious gelato!

Ingredients: Sugar (40,8%), skimmed milk in powder (33,6%), hydrogenated and refined vegetable fats, dextrose, rice starch, emulsifiers (E 471 mono diglycerides of fatty acids, E 472a acetic acid esters of mono-diglycerides of fatty acids), maltodextrine, stabilizers (E 410 locust bean gum, E 466 carboxy methylcellulose, E 407 carrageenan, food gelatine), glucose syrup, milk proteins, flavours.