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Montebianco Topfruit Fruit Base


Product Details

Code: 119661

Hot or cold process

Units per master case: 10

Pack Size: 2.2 lb Bag

For those who are lactose intolerant or simply prefer a lighter mouthfeel; fruit sorbets and even chocolate sorbet is so good and so easy to make with Montebianco’s Top Fruit Base. Easy to make fruit gelato or sorbet (water based) recipe by adding any Montebianco Doppio Frutta flavor. For a cremier fruit gelato/ice cream without milk.

Ingredients: dextrose, dried glucose syrup, stabilizers (E 410 locust bean gum, E464 hydroxypropyl methil cellulose, E412 guar gum, E415 xanthan gum, E407 carrageenan), emulsifier ( E471 mono-diglycerides of fatty acids)