40 ways to use Dreidoppel Flavor Paste
May 12, 2018

40 ways to use Dreidoppel Flavor Paste

Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes are a work horse in the kitchen. They have reliable color and flavor, are ALWAYS in season and have consistent quality helping to reduce labor and expense. They are a perfect partner for all things pastry and with all of these ideas, they may become your new secret ingredient.

  1. Icing and Buttercream - Dreidoppel has over 40 flavors to choose from for a one-of-a-kind wedding or birthday cake.
  2. Icing on Baked Goods - Try OrangeFruit Paste flavored icing on caramel rolls, RaspberryFruit Paste flavored icing on coffee cake or Amaretto Flavor Paste flavored icing on pain au chocolat.
  3. Cake Mix - Here's an idea: white cake mix with Pineapple or Coconut Flavor Paste and topped off with Jamaican Rum flavored buttercream. Seconds please!
  4. Pastry Cream/Bavarian Cream - A napoleon, an éclair or cream puff can be transformed with Dreidoppel Flavor Paste. Or pipe the flavored cream into a tart shell to create a delicious winter tart with Calvados flavored cream and topped with caramelized apples, pears or walnuts
  5. Stabilized Whipping Cream - Flavored cream on the outside of cakes, on top of a plated dessert or piped into a cream puff shell! Treat your customers to a different flavor every month.
  6. Glaze - Flavor your glaze for a pop of color and flavor. We likeChampagne flavored glaze over strawberry tarts.
  7. Mousse - Pipe into vessels (you can layer with different flavors) or in between layers of cakes and tortes. Think of all the combinations!
  8. Cheesecake - Dreidoppel Flavor Paste was made for this application!
  9. Cream cheese - Flavor it up and spread on bagels, or sandwiches. How about a turkey sandwich with Cranberry flavored cream cheese?
  10. Beverages - Try it in your iced tea, craft cocktails, or mix a little with simple syrup to flavor sparkling water or to create signature champagne cocktails!
  11. Amp up your Muffin Batter - A little blueberry flavor paste added to the batter of a blueberry muffin before folding in the fruit pumps up the flavor and adds some color.
  12. Crème Brulee - Create your own signature crème brulee. Blackberry, Coconut, Latte Macchiato, Irish Cream, shall we go on?
  13. Ganache - Flavor the filling in truffles, tortes, and parfaits.
  14. Clafoutis - Add a little Amarena Cherry Flavor Paste to the batter and bake with DGF's Amarena Cherries!
  15. Mascarpone Cheese - Flavor your mascarpone with Tiramisu Flavor Paste and Vanilla Moroni and pipe into a tart shell for a creative spin on the classic dessert.
  16. Flan - Take this classic dessert and create something new. Create a flight of different flavors of flan: Orange Fruit Paste, Espresso Flavor Paste,Strawberry,Lemon, orPistachio.
  17. Pot de crème - Lemon and Raspberry, or flavor up a classic chocolate with Mandarin or Caramel.
  18. Use it in an Opera Cake.
  19. Cold Cream Based Soups
  20. Salad Dressings and Vinaigrettes - Create custom salad dressings for parties, catering events and for menu specials.
  21. Sorbet, Ice Cream, Gelato and Frozen Custard
  22. Cookie Dough - Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes are perfect for flavoring sugar cookies.
  23. Coconut Macaroons - Add Lime Fruit Paste or Pineapple Fruit Paste to the recipe for a trip to the tropics.
  24. Bread Pudding - Try adding a little Banana Fruit Paste to your banana chocolate chip bread pudding. It will enhance the banana flavor and could become your secret ingredient.
  25. Batter - Flavor the batter of a flourless chocolate cake or lava cake creating something dark and devilish.
  26. Simple syrup - Flavor it up and soak your sponge cake, dip baba's or glaze the top of muffins.
  27. Caramel or caramel glaze can be flavored subtly with Jamaican Rum Flavor Paste for specialty popcorn or dipped apples.
  28. Brownies - You can add a touch of Espresso Flavor Paste, or Tiramisu or flavor the cream cheese swirl in your brownie with a little Raspberry Fruit Paste.
  29. Curd, Jam or Jelly. Add Walnut Flavor Paste to your pear jelly orCrème Napoleon Flavor Paste to your raspberry jam.
  30. Meat sauces - Try one of Dreidoppels' fruit paste with duck, pork, venison or beef. Flavor a beurre blanc sauce; It's a simple sauce that is a perfect canvas for adding flavors.
  31. Meringue - Almond, Vanilla,Espresso, Coconut, Strawberry, Peppermint, shall we go on?
  32. Fresh Pasta Dough - who knew? Try Dreidoppel Lemon Fruit Paste to partner up with your chicken piccata.
  33. Add to the Water when you are cooking rice! Lime Fruit Paste and lime zest in the water makes an incredible citrus rice to pair with chicken
  34. Risotto - Any citrus flavors or try Dreidoppel's Walnut Flavor Paste to compliment your mushroom risotto.
  35. Flavor your Water (still or sparkling) and freeze into ice cubes for punch and specialty drinks.
  36. BBQ sauce, homemade ketchup, mustard and mayo. Here's an idea - Morello Cherry Fruit Paste added to mayonnaise for a cherry chicken pasta salad!
  37. Pancake or Waffle Batter. We love Vienesse Almond flavored Waffles, or Banana flavored Pancakes with chocolate chips. Is it Breakfast yet?
  38. Cheese spreads - Cranberry goat cheese or Fig and herb cheese.
  39. Coffee - Add a little drop in your coffee grounds before brewing. Now, you can brew one kind of coffee and get tons of different flavors. We're warming up to this idea.
  40. Fondant - You can use different flavors on separate layers of a cake, giving new meaning to custom creations.