Solving Your Spring & Summer Dessert Décor Needs, One Chocolate Design at a Time!
January 10, 2019

Solving Your Spring & Summer Dessert Décor Needs, One Chocolate Design at a Time!

Our Spring and Summer decorations embody color, cheer, and various designs that will bring your sweets to life. Honor Mom, Dad, and the graduate with our celebratory toppings, bring 4th of July to your cupcakes with patriotic stars, and make flowers bloom out of frosting. So go ahead and think about sunny days while looking through our designs, and check out other products and brands that can enhance your Spring and Summer desserts!

Ideas and Combos

Tropical: Passionfruit-Mango-Chocolate Parfait

A bright colored parfait with fruit and chocolate flavors! Create a grab-and-go parfait for those Summer night parties that is light but irresistible. Use our super simple Neutral Mousse Mix and flavor it with Passionfruit Flavor Paste to give it a wonderful yellow color and a tangy taste. Layer in some Chocolate Crispearls, mango pieces, top it off with Chocolate Dessert Sauce and our assortment of Tropical Flower decorations, take a spoonful and feel instantly transported to your happy place.

Easter Brunch Tarts

For a playful and fresh Easter brunch dessert, try pairing a bit of crunch with citrusy flavor! Use our Cold Process Pastry Cream Mix in combination with Pink Grapefruit Flavor Paste to create a tangy filling with a pink hue. Pipe the cream into our Pure Butter Tart Shell, decorate with our Easter Bunny Chocolate Décor, and sprinkle some lemon zest on top. An Easter dessert that will save you time, but give your customer a tasteful, festive impact!

4th of July Cannolo Firecracker

Bring the awe of fireworks into your dessert! Mix Red, White, and Blue Crispies into vanilla gelato to create a creamy filling with a surprise crunch. Fill your firecracker (cannolo) with the gelato, and dip the ends of the cannolo in chocolate. Once dipped, place a Patriotic Star at each end for extra décor and double the chocolate. The result: an explosive, chilled, stars and stripes treat!

A Simple Gesture: Mom, Dad, and Grad

Sometimes a simple gesture means the world. Create desserts they’ll love with a personalized touch with our celebratory chocolate designs for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduations. When gifts are hard to think of, be the bakery on their way home that offers personalized desserts: convenient, delicious, and personable.


Easter: February 8, 2019

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, & Graduation: March 8, 2019

4th of July: April 12, 2019

*Some of our Spring and Summer Décor is available year round! Check out our website for more details and designs.