The Vanilla Shortage: Our Solutions
May 12, 2018

The Vanilla Shortage: Our Solutions

The Problem

For the past few years the leading provider of vanilla has been suffering from a smaller crop than usual. Madagascar produces the largest quantity and best quality of the world's vanilla supply and the changing climate just couldn't produce in 2015. This year's crop is looking better, but it's still too early to tell if we'll be looking for long-term solutions.

Vanilla is already the second most expensive spice, slightly more affordable than Saffron. Both incur high production cost and intensive harvest labor to earn "Most Expensive Spice" awards. But what happens when a product with an already high price tag has low availability? The price goes up!

The Solution

Substitute with Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes! We have 2 readily available and convenient solutions from Dreiddoppel that will maintain the quality of your desserts and preserve your customer satisfaction.

Vanilla Bourbon Flavor Paste (DRE 21804 5)
Natural, Bake-stable and Kosher
Dosage: 3g:1000g (0.3%)
The distinctive taste and consistent quality makes vanilla bourbon the most famous taste for pastries, fillings, creams & ice cream bases with it's all natural vanilla flavor.

Vanilla Moroni Flavor Paste (DRE 22004 8)
Natural, Bake-stable and Kosher
Dosage: 7g:1000g (0.7%)
Natural vanilla flavor with an extra amount of pods. Used by pastry professionals for flavoring whipped cream, batters, fillings, buttercream, mousses & more!

Still pining for the real thing? ifiGOURMET also offers high quality, gourmet vanilla products from Madagascar.

Pure Vanilla Paste (60020)
Natural and Kosher
Planifolia-Madagascar. Triple Fold (3x).
Ideal for recipes, such as crème brûlée and ice cream, where you want to add the visual appeal of vanilla flecks.

Fresh Ground Vanilla (60030)
Natural and Kosher
Planifolia-Madagascar. Grade A, Gourmet.
Elevate the flavor of all your cakes and cookies with a sprinkle of this versatile ingredient.