Welcome Hibiscus Flavor Paste
February 27, 2020

Welcome Hibiscus Flavor Paste

Hey There, Hibiscus

Spring has sprung at Marque Foods! Introducing the newest addition to our Dreidoppel Flavor Paste collection: Hibiscus. This bright fuchsia-colored paste wows with a sweet aroma and a floral, fruity flavor. Hibiscus blossoms release a tart, almost cranberry-like flavor, leaving a remarkable taste in almost any dessert!

Let's Get Technical

Hibiscus Flavor Paste is all natural, Kosher, and bake-stable and can be used in an array of dessert formats. Because of Dreidoppel’s product versatility, Hibiscus Flavor Paste can be used in buttercream, mousse, drinks, marinades, glaze, and more. Bake the flavor in a cake or add it to an iced tea, whatever way you use it, we guarantee you’ll love it!

Recipes & Inspiration

Hibiscus is a flavor that tastes immaculate on its own, but also works magic when combined with other flavors! We decided to taste test some combinations and created:

Created using: Cocoa Sponge Sheet, Gelatin Leaves, Stabifix F Cream Stabilizer, Hibiscus Flavor Paste, Natural Dark Confectionery Coating, White Chocolate Confectionery Coating, and White Chocolate Microdrops.

Created using: Hibiscus Flavor Paste, Glucose, Cocoa Butter, Nevado 35% White Chocolate, and Palenque 70% Dark Chocolate.

Created using: Hibiscus Flavor Paste, Gelatin Leaves, Glucose, Neutral Mousse Mix, White Chocolate Confectionery Coating, Plain Sponge Sheet, Nevado 35% White Chocolate, Honey Dessert Sauce, Orange Flavor Paste, and Vanilla Moroni Flavor Paste.

How Will You Use It?

As you can see, Hibiscus goes well with a variety of other flavors! However, one of our favorite combinations is Hibiscus and Chocolate. It’s the perfect pairing since PB&J! How will you use Hibiscus Flavor Paste? Tag us @marquefoods on Instagram and Facebook!

Available Floral Flavors

Hibiscus will join Marque Food's other floral pastes: Lavender, Rose, and Elderflower.