Frozen Chocolate Lava Cake

POM 7063
Packaging: 1/27 pc box
Brand: Pomone
The Sweet Details:

Fully cooked, fluffy chocolate cake with a flowing chocolate center.

Pomone Lava Cakes are fully cooked and frozen moist chocolate cakes with assorted flavor fillings. Simply heat up in the microwave or oven and enjoy! They're the perfect mini desserts for catering, restaurants, and more.

Heating Instructions:

Microwave*: 800 W Power for 45 seconds; ± 5 sec.

Oven:(200°C/392°F), 7-10 minutes.

*For optimum results, only one cake at a time must be placed in the microwave. To heat more than one cake at a time, baking in the oven is recommended.

Weight: ≈3.9 oz/pc